Fintech & Banking accelerator
Pilot with the bank-> profits -> investment for scaling-up
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Space for a new partner

For whom and why
* Managers and leading banking specialists
Use your experience->create solutions for the modernization and transformation of banks and the industry as a whole -> build your business!!

* Founders of fintech startups
Get expert and financial support -> launch a pilot project -> get profit and scale up your business!

* Service IT companies and teams.
Join partnerships -> invest your technical expertise in your own products!

* Experienced entrepreneurs
Use our resources for new and spin-off projects-> get profit and scale up quickly.

Not sure whether your business is suitable? Check it with a specialist. Just leave a request

In addition...
Pilots and partnerships
Implement a pilot project with Belgazprombank, make it to commercial operation and get the first / additional revenue.
Increase key indicators of your business
3 - 6 months
Save 1.5 years of independent work on your business
Get technological and service support from Belgazprombank and Accelerator partners
Quality of environment
You will be surrounded by successful people, and then, hopefully, you will become a successful entrepreneur.
Exchange experiences with other entrepreneurs
Learn advanced technology and business skills
Form a network of useful business contacts
Learn to attract further investments
Attract media attention and become a bit more famous (if you so wish)
Would you like to join? Then it's easy

Your tools
Tracker (curator)
He/She is from the accelerator team and will organize your meetings, training, consultations, help to keep focus on the result. You will take part in regular meetings to assess the results and adjust the plans.
They are successful entrepreneurs from your industry and employees of Belgazprombank. They will help you to develop a roadmap for growth, identify key indicators and ways to achieve them, share insights of the market, provide partnerships, acquaintances and other resources. Mentors are selected on the basis of mutual interests. You will meet with them and communicate regularly.
They will analyze and rebuild business processes according to best practices, will help in strengthening and packaging the product, improving the business model, marketing, manufacturing, logistics, sales, team development, positioning, financial management, etc.
Workshops and trainings
Group sessions from leading specialists in different industries for you and your employees. They will provide a systematic vision and practical skills in working with the media, building B2B and B2C sales, marketing in social networks, methods of collecting and analyzing metrics in a project, etc.
Pilot launch
Joint pilot project or implementation of your services and products
in the infrastructure of Belgazprombank, as well as other corporations and large companies-partners of the accelerator.
Working area in the building of XIX century
This is a unique building of historical and cultural value of the XIX century. Today it is a work area for meetings, negotiations, exchange of experience, consultations, feedback and other formats necessary for the development of your business. Location: 3 Osvobozhdeniya St., Minsk
Investments come from FTh's own fund and the partners of the accelerator. The amount depends on the results of the acceleration program.
FTh Day
This will be the final event with presentations of achievements, plans and the opportunity to build partnerships, get PR and recognition.

We are looking for
Localization - Minsk or other places, if you are ready to move to Minsk for some time or to be mobile.

Field - the priority is given to projects in the sphere of financial and banking technologies, as well as to startups related to banking business

- applications from companies / teams with innovative products, business models, marketing solutions are accepted.

Developments - you have an alpha or beta version of the product, first sales, prototypes, etc.

Businesses that are not considered:
* social, not involving profit;
* at the stage of an unsubstantiated business idea (at least deep competencies in the industry / niche are required);
* those which are not able to work within a legal framework
How to enter the FTh accelerator
Apply on the site
You are welcome to leave the application.
Discuss it over the telephone
We will contact you to specify the details, if necessary, request additional information.
The investment committee of the "FTh" accelerator will analyze your application and decide on whether to include it in the program of acceleration.

You will receive a notification of admission by phone and / or email.
1x, 2x ...10x...
You sign a contract and start speeding up your business
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