FinTech Connection:
Founders and Hackers
July 6 - 26, 2020
closed meeting of
Founders of prospective early-stage companies that need product development support with
Hackers that have deep expertise in technologies for the financial sector
Tilda Publishing
For Founders
  • find a great tech team for the product development and enter the market in time;
  • decrease the cost of software development and the dependence from investor's money throug vesting scheme and lower rates after fundraising;
  • launch an MVP or prototype fast;
  • increase the level of investor's trust in case your project is at the stage of PowerPoint presentation;
  • focus on the marketing, IR and business growth with a reliable and competent tech team.
For Hackers (tech teams and companies)
  • invest some resources into a prospective fintechs that are going to become a unicorns and the market leaders;
  • take the advantage of FTh's investment valuation to choose the most appropriate startup or founder to work with;
  • be vested on MVP stage and get paid after an investment round as in traditional service model;
  • save time for negotiation of the conditions with FTh framework and support;
  • invest in a number of fintechs.
For Investors
  • invest with FTh syndicate;
  • control a product development and money spending;
  • create and increase the capitalization of your fintech portfolio.
These are reliable and trusted companies, experienced developers of fintech solutions
Full Time 100% involved Dev Team 15+ year in fintech
5+ hackers: Product Manager&Team Lead, Chief System Architect, Chief Web Developer, Chief Mobile and Server-side Developer, Senior Product Designer
Portfolio: money transfers services, e-commerce platforms, payment showcases for CIS banks, e-Learning platforms, transport cards, e-parking system, safe banking solutions (hardware + software), digital finance service for post company, neobank MVP- wallets for joint money.
Dedicated Teams that fit your business needs
Custom software development company. Team has considerable experience working with multinational corporations.

50 employees; 10 years in field; customers in more than 30 countries; keeps focus on the fintech sector.

Services: IT consulting; custom application development; support and maintenance; application modernization, product development.

Portfolio: Financial processing platforms, digital credit suite, financial decision-making and risk management, data collection, aggregation and reporting, accounts management, conducting transactions which ensure the consistency and personal data security.
Blockchain specialized team
Services: Web applications; mobile applications; desktop applications; white label.

UX/UI design; machine learning, blockchain technology; dedicated team or developer.

Portfolio: 50 applications integrated with PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, 29 banking and blockchain projects implemented in Europe and US.
A marketing and consulting agency specializing in the promotion of blockchain and fintech projects.
Its research was cited in major media, such as Cointelegraph, Forklog, and, including numerous crypto exchanges like Binance, Bybit etc.

BDCenter promotes fintech businesses and startups:

Design, implement and manage digital marketing & PR strategies; help projects prepare for fundraising rounds (reputation management); product marketing; growth hacking.

Portfolio:operate in 14 countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, Singapore, and Japan. It has contacts in 500+ media outlets in these regions.
Developers of API and Planforms for SMBs
UI/UX design for Web, Android, iOS.

Portfolio: online accounting platforms, development of cloud-storage services, mobile banking, Open API. Customers in CIS.
Jule, 6 - 19
Jule, 6 - 19
Call for application from Founders, Hackers and Investors. Apply with a presentation or a short description -> Answer experts' follow-up questions.
July, 20
July, 20
Assessment and strengthening the proposals
July, 21-26
July, 21-26
Matching and online meetings
Post FTh connection process:
Post FTh connection process:
~ 2-4 weeks - Negotiations of a product components, software specification, terms and conditions of the agreement.

~ 3 months for the MVP or prototype development.

~ 3 months for market entry and software support.

~ 6 months for fundraising, user base and capitalization growth.
Criteria and conditions
  • Founder could be a representative of a company from any jurisdiction. Founder should provide FTh with all the necessary information related to the business for FTh to assess the investment.
  • Hacker is a team or a (service\outsourcing) company with a great fintech product portfolio. FTh prefers to work with eastern Europe tech teams.
  • Participation for Hackers, Founders and Investors is free of charge and requires only commitment and registration. Please, notice that this event is with a limited number of participants. So early registration is advisable.
Conditions of the deal between Founder and Hacker can be negotiated, but the typical one could be
1. No money in the deal: Founder vests the tech team with up to 25% shares of the fintech company for the first 6 Month of the work. Tech team creates the MVP and gets money for further development when the founder raises an investment round.

2. Some money in the deal (preferable): a tech team invests 6 Month of their work with the lowest pay rate for 5-10% shares of a fintech company.

3. FTh gets success fee - 10% from the amount, vested by founder. So if the deal is done with 25% option for a tech team, FTh fee (option) should be 2.5%.
FTh doesn't sign any NDA before the deal between a founder and hacker is negotiated.
FTh helps to attract investments into the deal at the very early stage of the business. FTh helps to provide a minimum salary for the tech team in case the product is difficult and needs a long time development.
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