Workshop #18

Due to COVID-19 this workshop is rescheduled for April
How do businesses utilize virtual avatars, models and bloggers?
Tilda Publishing

Valery Sharipov
CEO of Malivar
  • Where did Digital Humans come from? Opportunities and advantages. What problems do they solve and in which markets?
  • Who is Digital Aliona Paul? Why does she need a legend and an elaborated image.
  • The use of virtual avatars, models and bloggers in business (training, HR, first line, etc.).
  • How do P&G, KFC, Samsung, GIVENCHY and other brands advertise their products using virtuals.
  • How to create your own virtual avatar? How much does it cost?
  • Why is a young audience watching digital characters?
  • Neural networks and machine learning. What can be the degree of automation of virtuals?

Head office of Belgazprombank, Minsk, Prityskogo St. 60/2, conference room

+375 33 904 34 18
"10 X", Ltd
Belarus, Minsk, 3 Osvobozhdeniya St.