Workshop #18 in April
was canceled because of the situation with covid
Electroneek about RPA products for banks
Tilda Publishing

Dmitry Karpov
Co-Founder и Chief Innovation Officer в компании ElectroNeek
What is Robotic Process Automation;
Intro to RPA;
What RPA bots are capable of;
What processes are a good fit;
RPA implementation lifecycle;
Why ElectroNeek;
Why banks are the biggest adopters of RPA;
Typical cases of RPA in banking:
* Customer onboarding (KYC);
* Loan origination;
* Compliance;
* Reporting;
* Customer service;
Q&A and express analysis of BGPB cases.

Head office of Belgazprombank, Minsk, Prityskogo St. 60/2, conference room

+375 33 904 34 18
"10 X", Ltd
Belarus, Minsk, 3 Osvobozhdeniya St.