Which fintech businesses might soon influence Polish market?
Founders of Polish, Belarusian and Lithuanian fintech startups presented their businesses at Online Poland Fintech Connection event.
Fintech Connection is a closed meeting of the early-stage fintech companies with the bankers and investors from Poland. The event was organized by the Belarus Fin&Tech hub "FTh". Organizers have chosen six fintech businesses that have the capacity to influence the Polish fintech market. Due to COVID-19 this event had to be held online. Representatives of the Polish Bank Association, FinTech Poland, Santander Bank heard pitches from ambitious entrepreneurs. Below you can see the list of businesses participating in the event.

Challenger is a multi-purpose client activation platform that motivates clients to understand and use more products or channels of a bank. For example, it helps the OTP bank increase the number of new cards issued by 35-54%, increase the number of mobile channel users by 46% and many other business KPIs. The company sees Polish banks as potential users of their solution.

Open Business is a powerful data analytics platform leveraging the latest algorithms to provide competitive market sales insights to enterprises. To do that company builds a unique ecosystem where banks and other fintech companies are natural partners. Data partners can monetize their transactional data and get additional tools to evaluate their corporate clients and business partners. At the moment the company is seeking partner banks and investors for a bridge round of financing.

Jonto is a bank and financial messenger that helps manage joint expenses in one mobile app. Founders are looking for partner banks in Poland and investment to launch this product in the EU and the UK. They see Poland as a great market to start.

Reactivepad is an online collaborative text editor that allows to put calculations directly inside textual narrative - MS Word and MS Excel combined. This startup is looking for partnership with banks. Founders believe that bank's employees can save 5 hours per month by using their software instead of manually copying data from Excel to Word.

ExChord is an application that helps to calculate the risk of buying and selling any currency and provides tips on how to minimize risks of currency exchange. Startup wants to cooperate with a bank to finalize the product and then offer it to bank's customers.

Synpatic is an audio analytic tool for big (bank's) call centers. It helps to improve the quality of conversation between humans and robot2customer cases. Startup sees polish banks as its customers and partners. Firstly, their product can transform bank's contact centers and cut costs. Secondly, it can be an additional product for bank's clients.
The next Poland Fintech Connection is supposed to take place in Warsaw offline. "FTh" invites Polish banks, investment companies, state funds and organizations for partnership. Such collaboration will help to attract great teams from CIS and Poland and contribute to creating of succsess stories in Polish and the EU market.